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Marking Area: 15mm Wide X 15mm High

Marking Area: 33mm Wide X 15mm High

Marking Area: 80mm Wide X 20mm High

The Patmark range offers two battery powered dot peen pin stampers. Full battery power is a game changer – no more leads or cords! Imagine being able to easy move a dot peen unit around a work shop or site.  The other benefit is a near zero set up time: turn it on, connect the WiFi and program it from a phone with the free software, on the fly.

These are the best value for money dot peen units on the market. Although they have a smaller marking area than some competitor units, the software allows for marking of infinite strings of alphanumeric characters with a height of 15mm.

As with the Markinbox range, Patmark units are made in Japan and bring everything would expect in terms of quality and dependability.

  • Carry them around the workshop from station to station. 
  • Quickley mark parts as the come out of your CNC machine
  • Travel from location to location easily
  • Near zero setup time and no reliance on the need for power points or extension cables
  • Quickly modify template files
  • Mark QR codes & Data Matrix codes