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As a leader in industrial marking, Japanese made MarkinBOX is now in Australia. MarkinBOX in an fully electric dot peen or pin marking unit that uses a carbide pin to engrave. Each type of engraving, whether – pin marking, laser engraving, rotary engraving, stamping or scratch engraving, has its particular advantages. But some are better than others.

MarkinBOX excels where mobility, speed, cycle time and versatility are important factors.

DotĀ Peen Marking

Dot Peen / Pin marking technology is all electric and uses a carbide ramming pin to mark, which offers the unique feature of being able to mark any surface or material. Apart from a long tool life, using carbide marking pins gives the advantage of a comparably very low consumable cost.

MarkinBOX is made in Japan and therefore the construction quality and technology is world class.

Superior Connectivity

Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity and easy to use software, MarkinBOX allows for marking of detailed logo’s, QR codes, automatic date stamps and automatic calculating part marking.

Product Range


The 3315s currently delivers the most portable option at present. Its small size and light weight of only 1.5kg, make marking of parts or jobs, quick and easy. This is a great marking of unique items, ID plates and marking or engraving post fabrication.

MARKING AREA: 33mm x 15mm








The medium sized marker of the range, combines portability with a larger marking area and the option of deep marking with the BSD head. The longer horizontal window is especially useful for part numbers and serial numbers. It is also mountable for operation on a dolly or fixed frame. These features make this engraving unit applicable to both large and small jobs.

MARKING AREA: 80mm x 20mm









Bench top marker offers a large marking area and is the modern solution to more traditional engraving needs. In a manufacturing situation, the delivery of fast accurate marking significant lowers cycle times, while giving a better result with much lower running and consumable costs.

The 1010 marking unit also can be fitted with the ‘Handy tool’ foot base, which transforms it into a large portable unit, capable of high quality marking of large items or equipment.

MARKING AREA: 100mm x 100mm









The largest model in MarkinBOX series, the MB2015 isĀ suitable for large plates and part marking. Most applicable in a manufacturing setting, the large marking area allows for greater information or large size text and logo’s.

MARKING AREA: 200mm x 150mm




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