The medium size unit of the range. The MB8020S has been highly successful and is our most popular unit. It is the balance between power and portability. It is still highly mobile but is able to be fitted with the BSD (Big Solenoid) pin which allows for deeper marking or marking or harder materials.

  • Marking Window of 80mm x 20mm
  • Hand held
  • BSD option

Overview & Specification / Price

MB8020S Overview

MB8020S Specification / Price

Marking areaX axis 80mm x Y axis 20mm
Standard cable length3M
Head dimensions173mm x 83mm x 214mm
Head weight2.1kg
Tool and post dimensions
220mm x 300mm x 573mm
Material applicationMetal (Up to HRC62), Plastics, Papers, Woods
OptionsPipe adapter, BSD Head, Post Mount