markinbox mb3315 set up

The smallest and most portable unit of the range. This unit is ideal for part marking where mobility and access is most in demand.

Using dot peen technology, the MB3315s will quickly and accurately mark steels to an upper hardness limit of around 62 HRC. (For harder steels there is a extra high grade carbide pin).

Advanced software allows for easy programming and marking of alphanumeric characters, serials, logos, .dxf files and .csv files.

Quickly stamp your metal parts or engrave ID/compliance plates with the MB3315s.

  • Marking Window of 33mm x 15mm
  • Hand held
  • Magentic foot option
  • 4 screw holes in the back for easy mounting to fixtures or turrets
  • Fast marking of 9 characters in 7 seconds
Markinbox mb3315
Markinbox mb8020
Markinbox mb1010
Markinbox mb2015
Livetools Markinbox mb3315 dust and waterproof cover

MB3315S Specification

Marking areaX axis 33mm x Y axis 15mm
Standard cable length3M
Head dimensions116mm x 73mm x 190mm
Head weight1.5kg
Tool and post dimensions
220mm x 300mm x 573mm
Material applicationMetal (HRC62), Plastics, Papers, Woods
OptionsPipe Adapter, Post Mount, Magnetic Foot


MarkinBox Software

Patmark Accessory PC softwareSoftware is included with your unit and is not an additional cost!

Programming functions:

  • Alphanumeric characters (multiple fonts available)
  • Serial number – auto calculating (letters & numbers, for example: SN100-A1 > SN100-B1 or SN100-A001 > SN100-A002)
  • Date – auto calculating
  • Advanced Force and Speed settings
  • Inbuilt job timer – for optimisation
  • Logo marking
  • .dxf file marking
  • .csv file marking
  • QR & Data Matrix (creation and marking)

The software is easy to use and quick to program. It is very simple to create template files and store them either on the unit controller or the device your are programming from.

Multiple users are able to be set up with Admin VS Operator authority and all with password protection.

There is a constant log file for QC purposes, that will keep a up to date record of all marking operations with User ID assigned to each entry.

The software can be run from a PC/Laptop or a mobile device (Apple & Android).

You can download mobile device software from your relevant app store, its free if you want to try it out

Connection is via WiFi, USB, RS232C or LAN.